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Terri Lambert

Photographer Of The Month | February 2015

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About The Artist

Do you consider yourself an amateur or professional photographer? Please explain.


How did you get started in photography?

Childhood classes at a local country club got me started. Then my dad gave me his old Canon AE1 film camera. Photographed my son (poor thing) while he was growing up. Found the time to read up and buy nice equipment when the nest was finally empty!

What area of photography do you specialize in?

Mostly wildlife, architecture, landscapes, love to photograph people spontaneously and travel photography is my favorite!

How do you distribute your photo products?

Larger prints are sold by online sales and word of mouth, locally I sell photograph boxed notecards and sell them single too.

How have Photographer's Edge products helped you grow as a photographer?

The notecards I am particularly fond of because it makes me look at my work and ask the question "Would I like to receive a notecard like this?" and "Would I like to be able to frame this after I received it?" The notecards also help me get sales of larger prints.