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Karen Warner

Photographer Of The Month | December 2014

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About The Artist

Do you consider yourself an amateur or professional photographer? Please explain.

I would consider myself an intermediate level photographer. My knowledge and skills I believe are greater than would be of a beginner. It has been more of a hobby for most of my life, but I've recently retired and have more time to put into it.

How did you get started in photography?

I have been interested in photography since my father purchased a polaroid for the family back in the late 60's. As an adult I remember purchasing my first Canon EOS Rebel, which was quickly replaced once the digital revolution arrived.

What area of photography do you specialize in?

My interests are in nature, landscape, architecture photography. I'm currently experimenting in black and white, which I'm finding quite satisfying.

How do you distribute your photo products?

I have a shop on Etsy. However, I'm finding it difficult to get any significant exposure since there are thousands of photographers vying for the same customer base. I have a website on Smug Mug, but again it's tough to get the exposure without spending a fortune on SEO's and advertising. I'm now going to try the local market. I believe the average photography lover can't afford the price of larger works. Note cards and greeting cards are a way to offer your work in an affordable way.

How have Photographer's Edge products helped you grow as a photographer?

In all honestly, I've just discovered your website and I am excited to have found an affordable, quality product that will enable me to produce items highlighting my work. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with your company.