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Lyndon Rich

Photographer Of The Month | May 2015

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About The Artist

Do you consider yourself an amateur or professional photographer? Please explain.

Amateur-a professional get paid for taking pictures

How did you get started in photography?

Attending periscope photography school in Pear Harbor, HI

What area of photography do you specialize in?

Probably in the area of nature - flowers, landscapes, etc.

How do you distribute your photo products?

I have them printed and framed, or I print them at home and provide them in person. For example, recently photographed a First Communion and provided pictures with digital frames to each child and also, a CD of all the pictures taken. When I photograph the Economic Opportunity Council events then I provided cropped and corrected pictures on a CD. If I take pictures for the hospital newsletter and they are of people, not just pictures of the hospital or grounds, along with being published in the newsletter I provide pictures, usually with digital frames to each participant. I have provided them to contests, IPA, Popular Photography, Photographers Forum, etc. digitally via internet.

How have Photographer's Edge products helped you grow as a photographer?

Haven't used any products yet but at last Farmers Market a photographer has some frames in a clear plastic envelope and he told me that he got them from you. So I located your website and want to look into purchasing some for my use.